Katharine Pooley has always had a passion for architecture and design and it is this passion that allows her to create some of the most sumptuous, luxurious interior design projects for the most discerning of clients. She is one of the most sought-after interior designers in the United Kingdom and commissions for landmark commercial and residential properties around the world.

Katharine grew up in the Middle East and remains an intrepid world traveller, as well as having lived and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain and Vietnam. It is this characteristic that has inspired the eclectic aesthetic for which she has become known and which has allowed her to work on vastly disparate projects across the globe.

With a talented 35-strong team now working with her, Katharine also boasts a flagship showroom in Doha and a growing roster of clients based in North America.

The inspiration she draws from these has meant that Katharine has become known in the design world for her ability to marry diverse cultural influences, to seamlessly blend the classic and contemporary and to create beautiful but also liveable properties.  This is illustrated through her boutiques’ diverse range of accessories sourced from all over the world which is being constantly added to, as Katharine discovers new destinations.