In 2017, Katharine was honoured to be invited by the renowned French luxury publishing house, Assouline, to create her first book: ‘Journey By Design’. Paris based Prosper and Martine, the founders of Assouline, are greatly respected globally for creating ‘the world’s most beautiful books’ and have published seminal works on Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino.

So thrilled were Katharine’s highly private clients to be included in this beautiful, silk-bound volume, nineteen agreed to have their homes featured, many for the first time. The book contains an eclectic variety of designs from properties all over the world, but all reflect the refined, sumptuous and luxurious aesthetic for which Katharine is internationally known.

Interestingly, the book illustrates the inspiration behind the designs and Katharine’s lifelong zest for adventure. Katharine has visited over 190 countries, indulging her love of mountain climbing whenever possible and her travels are clearly reflected in her bold, eclectic and daring designs.

Written by Jennifer Goulding, previously commissioning editor at House & Garden magazine, ‘Journey By Design’ explores the creative process and diverse inspirations behind these inimitable spaces, illustrating just why Katharine was recently named “British Designer of the Decade”.

Her book is a testimony to beauty. As a designer, Katharine’s every choice is informed by her impeccable taste and unqiue style. Yet it’s her feel for form that moves me most. Her vision is never superficial; it’s deeply emotional

Janet Jackson

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