Katharine Pooley aims to dispatch goods within 5 working days once Katharine Pooley has been credited with the full invoice amount. Earlier shipping is not usually possible since the shipping date depends on suppliers and manufacturers.

Delivery within the UK is expected to take 2-3 working days and within the EU and rest of World up to 10 working days. Please contact Katharine Pooley Shop Team with regards to specific shipping quotes.

It is your responsibility to accept delivery at your chosen address. For delivery outside the UK, you will be responsible for obtaining all necessary licences and complying with all applicable legislation and regulations governing the export of goods from the UK and the importation into the country of destination. You will also be responsible for the payment of any applicable import duties and taxes.

Katharine Pooley does not assume any sourcing risk and is only obliged to ship from existing stock or from stock ordered from suppliers. Katharine Pooley has no liability to you in the event that its obligations to ship products to you ceases to exist when, Katharine Pooley, through no fault of its own, does not receive goods in full or on time from suppliers, (provided always that Katharine Pooley has informed customers as soon as reasonably practicable of the failure of its supplier and/or and has not explicitly agreed a separate sourcing risk). In such circumstances any payments made by you will be refunded.

In cases of force majeure (as subsequently described), shipping duration may increase within reason. Force majeure shall include strike, exclusion, official intervention, energy (or resource) scarcity, shipping difficulties, business complications such as fire or water damage to machinery, lightning or any other unforeseeable business complications for which Katharine Pooley cannot be held responsible. Katharine Pooley will inform you of the starting (and ending) point of such shipping impediments as soon as reasonably practicable.

Katharine Pooley reserves the right to cancel any contract with you if delivery fails three times through your fault. Payments already made will be refunded. Katharine Pooley reserves the right to charge you for additional costs that it may incur due to failed deliveries. If your goods remain at our warehouse for more than four weeks, during which time you fail to accept delivery/redelivery (despite Katharine Pooley having contacted you to do so), you may incur a storage charge. We also reserve the right to cancel your order and retain up to 50% of your order value.



We strongly advise you to thoroughly check your goods upon receipt and to immediately inform the deliverer/carrier and Katharine Pooley about obvious damage to your order during transit. Doing so has no influence on your rights but will help Katharine Pooley to make its own claims against the supplier of goods to Katharine Pooley or our delivery agent.

To protect your interests, any claim concerning short delivery and/or damaged and/or defective goods found on delivery, or concerning damaged or defective goods found at a later date, must be notified within 24 hours to Katharine Pooley. We do not accept any claims for damage caused by you the customer.

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