Celebrating Wool Week

Wool Week

Wool is inherently natural and renewable which is so important. When it biodegrades into the soil, it adds nutrients back into the earth, or water, without leaving microfibre or microplastics like many modern composite fabrics. Quite simply choosing wool helps to safeguard the planet for future generations.

This past year, I have travelled far and wide in my role as an advocate for The Campaign for Wool, immersing myself in the world of weavers, spinners, farmers and makers. I have seen their incredible work first hand, and now wish to ensure that the wonderful wealth of craftsmanship and manufacturing they represent is supported and embraced by contemporary interior design.

I adore wool and use it in all my projects for its tactile, luxurious feel. Be it a plain weave, twill, boucle or herringbone, these fabrics add layers of cosy richness and give a depth of colour that flat, man-made, textiles can never achieve.

Wool is perfect for upholstery, drapes, cushions or throws. It combines beautifully with silk and it is a superb addition to any interior scheme. In this recent KP project, wool textiles are used in many areas from the windows to the bed creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

In this serenely elegant London living room, I picked a silk wool for the curtains and roman blinds, while a textured Duck Egg Blue wool was used for the sofa.

The Campaign for Wool was launched in 2010 to help support and grow the wool industry. Convened by His Majesty King Charles III, when he was Prince Charles, and chaired by Sir Nicholas Coleridge, the campaign believes that the huge benefits in using wool cannot be overstated, only wool provides the ultimate reassurance of sustainability.

I have developed two soft and charming wool throws with a family owned mill in Donegal weaving for over 150 years, Magee 1866. They are available in shades of blue. Pop into the boutique to shop.

Whenever I look from the windows of my family’s country home, Forter Castle at the incredible beauty of the landscape, the sheep on the hilltop or the lambs in the valley below, I am moved by the sheer wonder of the natural world. It is only by embracing natural, renewable resource, like wool, in our work that we can continue to enjoy this world.


Follow the work of Campaign for Wool and keep an eye on my Instagram over the next week as I spotlight some of my favourite suppliers working in wool.

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