Dressing Room Design

Dressing rooms are such personal spaces within the home, a private sanctuary and a place to enjoy at the beginning and end of each day. In this Notting Hill project, we created both His & Hers dressing rooms that were different yet complementary with the rest of the master bedroom suite scheme.

If there’s enough room, a central island is a key component of a dressing room. They’re perfect for storing jewellery in locked display cabinets with hidden lighting within the joinery to help display your sparkly collection. The cases in this bespoke island are lined with leather suede from both Whistler and Holly Hunt.

Recessed chrome handle details are a continuation of the cupboard door designs taking inspiration from a clasp opening. The drawers open to reveal bespoke compartments specially designed to fit the clients jewellery.

I like to fit silk carpets in dressing rooms as they provide a luxurious, soft feel underfoot. This bespoke stool was specially made so that the client could sit and try on her shoes whilst sitting down. The timber matches that of the custom wardrobes and island so that there was a continutity throughout the room.

I love using beautiful accessories to complete a room. I’ve used a hand-crafted Adriana Shell Jewellery box that you can purchase from our boutique in Walton Street. Another trick is to use ornate vases filled with fresh, seasonal blooms or photo frames with pictures of your loved ones.

Glazed doors with soft, hidden lights illuminate the clothes making your wardrobe easy to navigate and order. The handles are all bespoke brass custom-made resin with mother of pearl inlay designed to look like the clasp on a clutch.

‘His’ dressing room follows the design scheme of ‘hers’ with a continuation of the brass detailing so that there is consistency throughout the suite. The bespoke cupboard handles have been designed to emulate an automotive construct to give the room a masculine edge. There is a differentiation in veneer colours, I chose a darker grey for his side but decided to keep the curtains and its leading edges the same. It’s so important to work with the highest quality British joiners. We create the design detail and their craftsmen bring them to life.

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