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With several landmark hanger and VIP lounge spaces completed, including for private jet company, X-Jet, as well as the British Aviation Authority (BAA), Katharine Pooley and her luxury interior design studio are respected experts in the area of aviation interior design. Highly refined designs by Katharine Pooley have re-shaped the interiors of the flagship Royal Suite Terminal 5 at London, Heathrow and the VVIP Private Jet Lounge for XJet at London, Stansted. With any number of discerning guests passing through, these facilities place a premium on privacy, as these suites’ separate entrances and screening areas attest. As Robb Report put it: “Employing a moody palette punctuated by metallic finishes and crisp accents, the designs deftly mingle notes of residential splendour with elegant restraint”. When working “air side” at an airport, there are hundreds of complex rules and regulations regarding fire retardancy, security, and durability. Katharine Pooley and her interior designers have shown these requirements still allow for a rich and luxurious interior akin to a luxury residence or private members club. Spatial planning is of critical importance in these multifunctional spaces, as VVIP travellers (often Royalty, Heads of State, Sport and Film stars) have big retinues and groups of security personnel. The layout of these spaces are therefore intentionally flexible, whilst remaining completely private from each other. Katharine chose the classic British colour palette of royal blue and soft, dove greys to complement the work of the British manufacturers and artisans featured throughout these spaces, showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship in creating these elegant, refined and luxurious suites.

Private jet lounge interior design project
Interior designer for airport lounges
Luxury interior for VIP jet lounge
interior designer airpot lounge
Terminal 5 Heathrow interior design project
Heathrow private lounge designed by the Katharine Pooley studio
Terminal 5 Heathrow interior design project by Katharine Pooley
Close up of decor in private jet lounge
Heathrow airport interior design project