Lakes Cottage

A labour of love, luxury interior designer, Katharine Pooley has designed every element of this charming cottage set in the heart of the Lake District to be sympathetic the property’s original heritage and location, whilst adding contemporary conveniences to suit the luxury holiday rental market. The craftsmanship of local labourers, stonemasons, garden designers and artisans are all central to Katharine’s vision for this Lake District interior design project.

New out-buildings, windows and a pretty slate roof, complete with new stone-set driveway, transform the exterior of this Cumbrian cottage, whilst at the rear, a wrought iron fenced terraced garden now perches on the hillside alongside an inviting, timber-clad hot tub, for a little slice of luxury outdoor living. On the ground floor, Katharine’s custom built kitchen and boot room by luxury kitchen specialists, Humphrey Munson, create a refined yet functional family cooking and dining space. Elsewhere, the cottage features a beautiful, oak-framed, four poster bed; a free standing bath; a collection of impactful artworks and layers of rich fabrics, which Katharine has used to create a memorable, inviting retreat in this sumptuous Lake District interior design project.

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