Scottish Castle


Working closely with Scottish Heritage, with whom Katharine Pooley and her father, Robert, have collaborated with since 1988, this magnificent 450 year old Scottish castle has been lovingly and painstakingly restored by the father-daughter duo to its former glory making it one of the most luxurious, yet historically accurate castles in Scotland.

Following a two year renovation period, Katharine completed the interior design and careful restoration of each of the rooms of Forter Castle, incorporating antique and historical touches to create a quintessentially Scottish feel. Katharine’s use of Baronial-style furniture, rich fabrics and warming finishes ensure the modern “creature-comforts” added to give guests a truly luxurious experience, blend seamlessly with the Castle’s impressive 16th Century architecture. Reflecting the stunning surrounding Glenisla scenery, Forter Castle is the ultimate example of a truly luxurious, inviting and comfortable interior set in a magical, historic castle.

Forter castle exterior shot
Living room and open fire in scottish castle
Scottish large dining area
scottish castle interior design
Wooden chair in scottish castle
gorgeous interior in scottish castle
Scottish castle bedroom
Bedroom in scottish castle project
Basin in scottish castle
kitchen in scottish castle
shot of private chapel in scottish castle
Luxury scottish castle