Welcome to Weatherstone House, this period property has been developed to create a luxurious family holiday home & luxury rental property.  I took inspiration from all things nautical and using a timeless palette with natural finishes, the Katharine Pooley team and I have created a luxurious, peaceful & elegant home from home for the perfect coastal holiday.

For a Summer getaway, I love nothing more than visiting the British coast. It is the perfect place to unwind, relax and to explore the beautiful surroundings of Croyde. When at my Devon beach house with guests, I still like to feel that we are all on holiday. In order to do this, I add little touches around the home to give it some extra charm and character.

Known for it’s beautifully simple and wonderful products, The White Company provides the perfect additional pieces that can be used to style any guest bedroom. Toweling, glassware and vases are all essentials to help spruce up a bedside table ready for a visitor.

I have curated an edit of a few of my favourite pieces from The White Company that would fit perfectly within the coastal themed interior of my cottage.

Create a serene guest bedroom that feels both relaxing and luxurious. Treat your friends and family to soft Egyptian cotton, breakfast trays and bath caddys so they can enjoy their time away in luxury.

My luxury interior design team and I have now created a modern and spacious base for families and small groups of friends. If you feel like a getaway, do take a look at Weatherstone House, it would be a great pleasure to have you to stay.

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