Kensington Home


Originally built in 1873 as a coach house serving nearby Kent House, Katharine Pooley has painstakingly restored this 6,000 sqft private residence, with its imposing redbrick and white stucco townhouse overlooking Hyde Park. The final luxury interior, carefully pieced together over two years, artfully balances a contemporary design aesthetic with rich, historic detailing, reflecting the heritage of Knightsbridge’s Rutland Gardens, the unique gated road in which this Kensington property resides. Standout architectural features include the intricately inlaid marble entrance hall floor; a linear, bronze staircase scrolling gracefully upwards through the building; and generous sash windows to both the front and rear façade which flood each of the seven floors with natural light. A handful of large-scale, striking paintings form a vivid backdrop to an exciting and eclectic collection of Classical and Asian artifacts and sculptures, including the entrance hall’s large plaster bust cast of the Gaddi Torso from Guinevere Antiques, (the original resides in the Uffizi Gallery Florence) remarkable both for its scale and beauty. A sumptuous luxurious interior design that truly captures the splendour and history of Kensington and the personal passions of the client.

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