The Autumn Edit: Crystals and Minerals

The UK's best interior designer, Katharine Pooley

In my journey through the world of interior design I’ve found an unwavering love for the sublime beauty of crystals and minerals. These natural wonders express a timeless allure and are a testament to the Earth’s artistic prowess. To incorporate these treasures into a space is to invite the essence of elegance and mystique. They are more than mere décor; they are a connection between natural artistry and the intentional beauty of interior design. In my boutique I aim to weave the story of these magnificent minerals through our stock, bringing their energy and beauty to life in a symphony of aesthetics and soulful resonance.

Agate and Quartz

Agate and quartz are both remarkable minerals celebrated for their exquisite beauty and harmonising energies. Agate, known for its captivating aesthetics and believed balancing properties, elevates any space with its diverse colours and intricate patterns. Similarly, quartz, a sibling mineral, boasts a more stunning clarity and an array of captivating colours. Agate is believed to soothe and calm emotional tensions while quartz amplifies energy, enhancing mental clarity and focus. Incorporating these minerals into your décor promotes tranquillity, balance, and a grounding connection to the natural world.


Malachite is a mineral renowned for its striking green colour and unique banding patterns. Its vibrant green hues are a result of its copper content, as malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. These banding patterns often resemble concentric rings or swirling patterns, creating a captivating visual display. Its rich history includes the use in amulets and jewellery by ancient civilizations including the Romans, who associated it with Juno, queen of the Gods. In addition to its beauty, malachite has also been associated with metaphysical properties, including emotional healing and protection from negative energies. Incorporating malachite into your home adds unique visual appeal but also connects you with a rich geological and cultural history.

My enduring passion for minerals, crystals, and other natural objects as home décor finds its roots in my travels across this gorgeous world and appreciation for the diverse and profound beauty of nature. The beauty of these treasures, forged by nature’s hand, bring forth a sense of balance, wisdom, and spiritual resonance. I am privileged to craft pieces that not only inspire visual delight but also evoke a deeper sense of wellbeing and connection to the world and its remarkable wonders.


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